The Truth Will Set You Free To Succeed Part 2

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Try and be the first today to find the hidden leprechaun!

Today’s article is part 2 of how the truth sets us free by acknowledging the dream we still have inside each of us. No matter how old or young you are, if we are honest with ourselves each one of us has dreams… we may have buried them because we thought we couldn’t have them anymore now that we are grown up adults. I’ve got news for you though, we have it all wrong! Each one of us one day is going to leave this earth. NOW is our time to start living our dreams, if you feel you are too old too start just remember as someone once said, “Today you are as young as you will ever be.” And as another quote I love states “You cannot go back and change the past, but you can start we you right now and change the ending.”

Today we focus on getting real and honest about where you really want to be!

I want you to remember back to the time that you were a child, when you had big dreams… you didn’t call them goals, you called them dreams.

I remember being in my grandma’s backyard with my cousin Andrew playing baseball, and I remember saying, “Anderson is up to bat, it’s game seven of the world series and it’s the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs with bases loaded, the Diamondbacks are down by three runs and if Anderson hits a grand slam his team will win the game…. Here’s the pitch, Anderson get’s a hold of the pitch and it’s going, going, gone!! ANDERSON HAS WON THE GAME FOR THE DBACKS!!!! DBACKS ARE WORLD CHAMPIONS!

I haven’t thought about this for year until tonight as I sit and write this article. We all forget the dreams we had when we were younger. We forget just being kids! And even though we forget, just like a fire that has been covered over with sand instead of put out properly, when someone comes and kicks around some of that sand, our fire can begin to rage! I’m the person that helps kick around the sand that has covered their fires and get them to roar to life.

What would it take for you to reignite the fire of your dreams?

Do you remember those days? What was your dream? Back then it felt so real, it felt so exciting!

What was your version of that speech? What was your dream? Where did you want to be when you grew up?

I never did go on to play professional sports, nor even high school sports for that matter… I forgot about my dream, and got distracted…. How many dreams are destroyed by distraction and doubt? Almost all of them!

But my point in sharing this is we all had dreams, sometimes as we get older those change. As we experience real life experiences where life doesn’t workout the way we desire, we experience heartbreak, we experience sadness, loss, illness and so many more challenges…. The bottom line is we forgot about out dreams… and we gave up on our dreams… and after a while, we stopped dreaming entirely.

How do we get back to being honest with ourselves in allowing ourselves to dream for what we really want out of this life. If you feel your life is moving way too fast, I feel the same way. But we can’t go back and start over, we can only start from we are in this very moment.

I want you to once again imagine you are that little kid dreaming and make believing in your backyard, what are you make believing? What are you dreaming?

If it’s not coming to you, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and really that picture and great feeling in your heart get there in heart. Feel how joyful and happy this thing would make you.

Now once you are in that place you can feel what your dream is. Write it down! Do not water it down or tell yourself that you cannot have it. You can always turn the Impossible into the “It’s Possible!”. I really do mean that, no matter where you are at, if your secret dream is to become a famous actor, musician or even write a book, you can do it. Focus on your dream and see it like a movie as if you are already living it.

Be honest with yourself about where you want to end up in life.

If you allowed yourself to dream again, what would you want?

If I gave you a promise that you could be wherever you want to be and have accomplished anything you wanted too…. What would you do?

If you could be absolutely anywhere in life, and achieve anything that you desire, what would that be?

Last article talked about focusing on point A of where you are, now I want you write down, where you want to be, where you really want to be!

Maybe you dream of becoming a bestselling author… write it down!

Maybe you dream of starting the next big tech company … write it down!

Maybe you dream of becoming the next big movie star… write it down.

Don’t worry yet about how you are going to get there, just write it down. Have fun with this.

If you still can’t come up with something, spend a few minutes each day dreaming about it until you can.

What’s the tiny “It’s Possible” step that you need to take in your life to move just a little bit closer or a lot closer to what you want? Let me know in the comments below.

Then go ahead and do them, just give them a try, and you will make the impossible, the “IT’S POSSIBLE”

  • The “It’s Possible” Guy


Remember You’re okay, start doing what’s possible in Your life and you will create miracles!

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